Markets We Serve

Our sole focus is on the U.S. public sector marketplace.

Swish understands the importance of agency mission attainment, and that our ability to deliver significant improvements in organizational operations, digital performance, and security directly contribute to mission success. By applying our extensive experience, optimized processes, certified experts, and managed services, we exceed expectations in even the most challenging and mission-critical circumstances. Our technicians are intimately familiar with securing our solutions to ensure they are compliant with NIST guidance and DISA Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) guidance.

Civilian Agencies

Delivering against agency performance objectives and CIO goals is more challenging than ever in today’s budget climate. Swish’s outcome-aligned engagements help our civilian agency customers maximize their investment returns. We have worked with IT leaders from agencies of all sizes. Key initiatives we’re specialized to assist with include IT Modernization, Data Center Optimization Initiative, Cloud-First, Continuous Diagnostic and Monitoring (CDM) and Digital Transformation.

Homeland Security & Law Enforcement

The Departments of Justice and Homeland Security rely on digital operations to keep Americans safe. Swish understands these mission requirements intimately and has a proven track record providing solutions that improve operations, agency performance, and security. Our work with these agencies is focused on delivering and securing strategic applications globally so they can ensure effective and efficient operations.


The military’s fast-paced global operations create unique challenges for digital operations. It is extremely challenging to deliver fast, secure communications from a centralized service or application to warfighters stationed in the far reaches of the globe. Swish’s extensive engineering experience in designing responsive, secure solutions enable warfighters to operate with real-time insights, make faster decisions, and significantly improve performance and security.

Intelligence Community

Intelligence agencies rely on secure and dependable data archiving, sharing, and analysis across multi-tiered environments. Our experienced engineers and consultants understand the complexities of IC environments and deliver cutting-edge, high-performance solutions that can meet even the most robust data collection, processing, collaboration, and analysis requirements.