Managed Monitoring

Swish manages web performance monitoring for a Health Care agency in the US Civilian government. The client now proactively finds and triages performance issues. The solution uses a mixture of public and private synthetic transaction agents testing over both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.


Health Care Agency


  • Dynatrace SaaS
  • Synthetic Test Agents
  • Public Agents
  • Private Agents on Swish appliances
  • Managed service contract
  • Cloud-first solution


The Health Care agency maintains a vast number of web properties that are searched billions of times each year by millions of people around the globe.

Swish designed and built remotely-managed Software Private Agent appliances based on Dynatrace Synthetics.  These appliances were placed in strategic locations across America in order to monitor the performance of critical web-applications from the perspective of visitors and staff of various libraries around the country.  The appliances are built on secured Windows 10 IoT machines, designed to be plug-and-play, shipped to their destination, plugged into the network and just work.

The Software Private Agent is a lightweight service that can be deployed to any Windows server, where it will reliably monitor performance and availability of internal applications. Because it uses real browsers, any interactive business application workflow can be simulated — even complex, logical web services can be monitored. All performance data is securely managed, analyzed, and alerted by the Dynatrace Advanced Synthetics platform.

Swish managed services include customer success services, deployment assistance, adoption facilitation, training, remote operation of all agents, and custom software that ensures the Software Private Agent is running after system reboot.

With this managed service, the client can rapidly triage issues to their respective team, maintain quality for the user, and furnish executives with insight into the customer experience.

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