Storage Optimization

Swish helped a Critical Defense Personnel application hosting agency optimize their storage investment, processes, and operations.  This resulted in correcting critical capability gaps, as well as, creating high-quality automated workflows to reduce IT staffing requirements.


Critical Defense Personnel Application
Defense Industry


  • Swish Services
  • OEM certified professionals
  • NetApp ONTAP
  • NetApp Workflow Automation
  • PowerShell Scripting


The client had purchased a large NetApp FAS based storage environment from another source. Due to poor implementation practices, the environment was not performing optimally.  The customer was extremely dissatisfied with the solution and was contemplating moving to a different storage vendor.


There was nothing wrong with the storage equipment. However, the equipment was incorrectly configured and the organization’s skills were not mature. The configuration issues were causing performance problems, as well as, risks to disaster recovery due to failovers not working correctly.  This had caused the customer to lose confidence in the solution.  To compound the problem, incorrect processes were in place that caused the storage to be consumed inefficiently.

Getting Started

Beginning with an in-depth review of the environment, Swish was able to work with the customer and identify their goals and requirements for their storage architecture.  By jointly talking through the operational goals, and following a deep dive into the configuration of the solution components it was clear that a plan needed to be put into place to properly configure and operate this important storage investment.


Swish was able to successfully configure the storage solution based upon the customers end goals and resolve the performance and failover issues very quickly.  By working with the customer to implement new processes and procedures, we further refined the use of the environment by implementing storage automation via NetApp Workflow Automation, which ensures compliance with customer best practices.  This approach ensured repeatable high-quality operations and reduced errors from manual operations. Swish was also able to further optimize the environment saving the client terabytes of storage as well as many man-hours of work weekly.

Over the course of the following several months, the consultant from Swish became an integral part of the client team and remains a trusted advisor.  By applying extensive knowledge and experience in storage operations, Swish was able to save a very large environment the pain of losing a costly storage investment due to improper configuration and help them realize a much larger return on investment than they originally planned.

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