ThreatEye, from CounterFlow AI, is addressing the growing network visibility challenge created by the rise in encrypted traffic.  Its cloud-native analytics platform integrates cryptanalysis, packet dynamics, and machine learning techniques to learn, identify, and alert on hidden communication patterns associated with network faults, anomalies, and threats at wire-speed.  Unlike subversive SSL decryption methods, ThreatEye‘s approach preserves privacy while rendering deep insights into both encrypted and unencrypted traffic in real-time.  Packaged as software containers, ThreatEye easily deploys to cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments to extend the visibility of network and security operations across an entire enterprise.  Regardless of the deployment option, ThreatEye’s software components scale to ingest network data directly from physical or virtual network taps at wire-speeds up to 100Gbps. 

ThreatEye’s network security platform brings together next-generation traffic analytics with unique streaming machine learning technology and full packet capture. Designed as a turnkey solution, the platform provides analysis of encrypted traffic with actionable insights and forensics capabilities. ThreatEye pairs together two software solutions: ThreatEye NV and ThreatEye NR. ThreatEye NV combines enhanced flow analysis with streaming machine learning-based traffic analysis for insights into encrypted traffic. ThreatEye NR provides industry leading full packet capture. Coupled together, the ThreatEye platform offers unparalleled network visibility into both encrypted and unencrypted network traffic, an essential for today’s network security and operations teams.  

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