The Elastic mission is to make the power of “search” — the ability to instantly find relevant information and insights from large amounts of data — available for a diverse set of applications and use cases. Their solutions provide government agencies with a distributed search and analysis engine that centrally stores your data for lightening fast search, fine-tuned relevancy and powerful analytics that scale with ease.  From monitoring and securing sensitive systems to powering search across public records, Elastic products can be used to mine and report on valuable information from log, network, geospatial, structured, unstructured, and cybersecurity data. With timely and trusted data handling, query and response, and real-time situational awareness for both on-premises and hosted computing environments, Elastic’s technology is built to help government agencies perform real-time search and analytics at unprecedented speed and scale.

Elastic was founded out of a collection of open source initiatives including Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash.  Today Elastic solutions not only make data quarriable in real time, they build tools that greatly enhance your agency’s security posture.  With a search and analytics engine that indexes data on ingest and is flexible and scalable, security practitioners can manage growing data needs and provide a more complete picture of their agency’s security posture.

Elastic solutions are designed to run on premises, in public or private clouds, or in hybrid environments. These products are fully compatible with legacy tools to facilitate IT modernization. Elastic also offers a full complement of consulting, development, technical audit, training, and support services to ensure government user success with cleared personnel who have experience in agency programs, standards, and requirements.

Swish partners with organizations that have a strong commitment to the federal government market.  In July of 2020, Elastic received a FedRAMP Moderate Impact level certification.  They have also developed a CDM Dashboard for federal agencies that provides continuous monitoring and mitigation of cyber threats and vulnerabilities and are generally available on AWS GovCloud.  Together, Swish and Elastic are ready to help your agency build search experiences that power the use cases and applications of today and into the future.

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