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Swish delivers when the problems are complex, requirements are difficult, and the mission is absolutely critical. From proposal to the final user training, our team are masters in crafting elegant, comprehensive solutions that effectively deliver on complex objectives and support mission outcomes at every level. Learn more about Swish in our Capabilities Brief.

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The Swish Difference

Building, operating and managing sophisticated IT systems that are properly aligned in every way to our customers’ desired outcomes is extremely difficult. Doing it correctly and reliably requires a systematic approach and experienced technologists who understand how to create efficiency and synergy across systems, workflows and people.

Drawing on decades of experience achieving this for some of the nation’s most critical missions, Swish is known for creating robust, user-centric solutions that contribute directly to the success of any mission. Every Swish solution is as unique as the mission it is developed to meet. Swish focuses on delivering the best user experiences and leveraging the right technology solutions from our trusted network of partners, engineering expertise and system integration experience. Discover how Swish can be the difference for your agency today.

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Our approach is defined by:

Relationship Integrity
Proven Methodologies

We employ a life cycle perspective on systems and projects


We take a strategic and outcomes-focused approach to solving problems

Relationship Integrity

We focus on long-term customer relationships and make every interaction as valuable and positive as possible

Proven Methodologies

We leverage metrics-driven best practices to deliver continuous improvement

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