IT Modernization

Transform your data center, cloud, and applications at mission speed.

With the abundance of multi-cloud and ‘as-a-service’ solutions, it’s hard to know which technologies are best suited to meet today’s mission requirements while preparing for tomorrow’s challenges. Swish helps customers evaluate and navigate available options to arrive at an optimal solution for your unique needs. Swish has expertise helping government organizations execute FISMA, Data Center Optimization, Cloud Smart, DevSecOps, and Digital Services policies.

Drawing on decades of experience working with on and off premises architectures, Swish provides a strategic perspective and a full lifecycle approach to plan, implement, manage, and optimize IT solutions that deliver complex applications, increase efficiency, and reduce management overhead.

Outcomes-Driven Solutions
for Modern Missions

Data Center Solutions

Swish provides integrated flexible DevSecOps solutions for any size team, and services to support effective software development for mission critical systems.

Example solutions include:

Focused culture development, people, processes and adaptable CI/CD pipeline options.

Experience in testing, observability and security methodologies to automate pipeline decisions and ensure timely service delivery.

We partner with leading DevSecOps technology providers.

To stay tied into DevSecOps across the entire federal space, we invite you to join our NoVa DevSecOps meetup.


Containerization is the foundation of modern software development and DevSecOps.

Our containerization experts can design a customized, end-to-end solution for any requirement, from the tactical edge to a full multi-tiered, multi-cloud architecture.

Swish makes sure that data is optimally secured and specializes in creating complex containerization solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.

We partner with leading Container providers.


Swish works with any size environment to plan, implement, manage and optimize a virtualization solution tailored for your mission.

Swish helps customers:

  • Manage virtual resources on-premises and in the cloud, while ensuring reliability and efficiency.
  • Integrate and automate components into playbooks for secure, replicable solutions.
  • Optimize and manage complex deployments with reliable service delivery in mind.

We partner with leading Virtualization providers.


Swish provides a range of cloud and cloud-enabling capabilities to help you deliver innovative digital services more effectively than ever before.

Example solutions include:

  • Cloud and Data Migration
  • Multi-cloud Management
  • Software Defined Cloud Interconnect
  • Back-up and Disaster Recovery
  • On-prem Cloud as a Service
  • SaaS SLA Monitoring
  • Automation via Infrastructure as Code and Bots

We partner with leading Cloud providers.

Data Center Solutions

Swish offers all the necessary components for today’s modern data center architectures and standards, from power to application development frameworks and everything in between. 

Solution pricing options include traditional capex as well as subscription and consumption-based pricing.

We partner with leading Data Center technology providers.

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