Performance Engineering

Gain efficiencies and optimize your mission with high-velocity IT operations.

The Federal Government digitally interacts with millions of employees and citizens every minute. Federal IT teams are under extreme pressure to deliver digital services with unparalleled user experiences all the while innovating faster than ever. The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act, the President’s Customer Experience Executive Order, and the President’s Management Agenda establish customer experience as a top priority for all agencies.

Swish has the expertise and talent to help agencies deliver amazing experiences and operate their digital services better than ever. Our end-to-end technology solutions are rooted in ITSM best practices and deliver outcomes-driven frameworks for  continuous improvement, optimization, test automation, configuration analysis, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), AIOps, and more – all tailor-made to meet your mission. Learn more about how Swish is the leading trusted provider for agencies seeking to develop a high-velocity generative culture while optimizing mission outcomes.

Outcomes-Driven Performance Engineering Solutions


Swish uses AIOps solutions to help IT organizations simplify, accelerate and automate operations. This leads to better mission outcomes, more intelligent decisions, faster event resolution through causality determination, and improved IT workforce productivity.

Swish understands a generative culture, a well defined digital business strategy, and a well-rounded approach are central to a successful AIOps journey.

We partner with leading AIOps technology providers to deliver greatly enhanced productivity and mission velocity for IT operations.


Swish has extensive experience with end-user experience monitoring, network monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, cloud monitoring, application monitoring, and integrating them for enterprise-wide observability and troubleshooting.

Observability and monitoring complement each other. Traditional monitoring tells you when something is wrong but Observability provides robust context helping you understand why. 

Swish leverages multiple vendors for various observability solutions, including:

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