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Performance Engineering

Gain the insights and operational excellence to ensure high-velocity end-to-end digital operations.

Federal agencies invest in information technology to achieve cost efficiencies, productivity gains, and positive impact on the business and mission. Swish’s performance engineering offerings help agencies gain critical insights and visibility in their IT operations and optimize their business impact on the enterprise.

Our approach relies on:

Assembling industry-leading vendors and decades of performance engineering experience to provide customers the best possible end-user experience.

Thoroughly understanding the end-to-end performance of an application to develop systems-wide approaches to performance improvement.

Monitoring, analyzing and improving performance from the perspective of the application owner to ensure maximum business and mission impact.


Optimizing an application’s performance requires thorough visibility into the end-to-end ecosystem in which that application operates.
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When an important federal business function or mission is on the line, it is vital that critical applications operate quickly, properly, and reliably.

We're eager to help you innovate.

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