Data Science

Unlock the value of siloed and disparate data to supercharge your mission.

Government organizations have tremendous amounts of data. Unlocking the value of siloed and disparate data, however, is quite challenging when the factors of existing architecture, governance and standards come into play. Swish has expertise helping organizations execute Federal  and DOD Data Strategy guidance so they can make intelligent insights for optimal mission outcomes.

We begin with understanding mission objectives, data requirements, success criteria and building a Data Architecture plan. Our approach balances technical and service investments to ensure rapid value realization and long-term adoption by the workforce. Swish helps clients build high-velocity DataOps and MLOps factories that rapidly deliver mission-centric insights efficiently at scale by using repeatable processes, pipelines, and code. Using DataOps or MLOps clients can move concepts from idea to production in days instead of months.

Outcomes-Driven Solutions
for Modern Missions

Data Integration

Swish uses AI-powered active analytics solutions to help customers scale from simple application embedded widgets to enterprise-wide business-intelligent visualizations across hundreds of thousands of employees for very specialized roles. Ultimately, these solutions empower people of all levels to make data-driven decisions and take action when it matters most.

We partner with leading data analytic providers to deliver intelligent insights for mission decisions.

Data Integration

Swish provides a range of data ingress, engineering, QA/QC, cataloging, and governance capabilities to unlock the value of your data while ensuring it is always visible, accessible, understandable linked, trustworthy, interoperable and secure.

We partner with leading data integration and engineering providers to deliver analytic-ready data anywhere, anytime, at any scale, and in any format needed for your mission.

Increase your impact with Swish.

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