Exagrid Tiered Backup Storage

ExaGrid provides tiered backup storage with a unique disk-cache Landing Zone, long-term retention repository, and scale-out architecture. ExaGrid’s Landing Zone provides for the fastest backups, restores, and instant VM recoveries. The retention repository offers the lowest cost for long-term retention. ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture includes full appliances and ensures a fixed-length backup window as data grows, eliminating expensive forklift upgrades and product obsolescence.

ExaGrid’s product line consists of nine appliance models with each appliance sized for full backup and long-term retention. Any ExaGrid appliance can be mixed and matched in the same scale-out system with any other size or age appliance, allowing agencies to buy what they need as they need it. This pay-as-you-grow model allows up to 32 appliances in a single scale-out system. All appliances and systems are managed by a single user interface. Multiple systems can be deployed in a single site, which allows for full backups up to petabytes.

Swish is partnered with ExaGrid to deliver government customers award-winning backup storage.  ExaGrid has more than ten years of experience working with the Federal government with installations in the Army, Air Force, Navy, National Guard, Environmental Protection Agency, Veterans Administration, FBI, US Courts, and hundreds of other DOD, Federal, and civilian agencies. Swish and ExaGrid understand the unique security requirements for government installations and the unique procurement processes.  Swish can provide agencies many major contract vehicles to purchase ExaGrid solutions meeting virtually any buying criteria.  ExaGrid has a long list of references within the Federal government that are willing to speak to the company’s products and support.

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