Case Studies

Swish Data and Zscaler help a Federal Healthcare Agency Secure a Remote Workforce while Moving to a Zero Trust Architecture

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the FSI was faced with a number of significant challenges, but the most prominent was enabling a secure remote workforce. They had to rapidly move over 4,000 employees from three regional processing centers to work from home. Their network infrastructure was hardware intensive with a very complex on-premises architecture. They knew that migrating to the Cloud was a necessity.

Government Agency Strengthens their Security Posture with Machine Learning-Driven NGFWs

Swish Data and Palo Alto help agency increase security, prevent cyberattacks, safeguard classified and sensitive data, and optimize security operations. 

Swish and Exagrid Reduce Backup and Recovery Timefor a Defense Agency, Accelerating Mission Success

This defense agency’s mission is to develop technology solutions that enable and protect the nation’swarfighters. With over 13,000 soldiers, civilian employees, and contractors; over 10,000 of which areengineers and scientists, it is one of the DoD’s largest technology developers. Key tenets of their mission arespeed of delivery and the integration of technology into existing systems that give warfighters and allies adecisive edge in battle. 

Swish and Dynatrace Provide Veterans Affairs with Confidence in Cloud Migration

Swish introduced Dynatrace to VA to provide the advanced observability that is required to enable their massive cloud migration project. Dynatrace offered end to-end observability as well as continuous automation, AI-assistance, cross-team collaboration, digital experience, and business analytics, all of which are requirements of digital transformation.

Moving towards “Zero Trust” in compliance with government security mandates

Swish and Varonis Help a Department of Defense Agency Improve Their Security Posture through Comprehensive Visibility into Enterprise Data Use. Swish helped the agency evaluate its cybersecurity enterprise architecture and make recommendations on how to speed compliance and move closer to a zero-trust environment. The Varonis platform enabled the agency to reduce risk, demonstrate compliance, and prevent future data breaches.

Reliable, Consistent Security Enables U.S. Government Agency to Respond to COVID-19 Crisis While Transitioning 65% of its Workforce to Telework

This government agency’s mission is to manage and support a supply chain of billions of dollars in goods and services annually. They employ over 25,000 personnel and are critical to national security. The agency has a strong commitment to be agile and responsive which requires a security strategy that simply works without the need to consistently troubleshoot and optimize.

U.S. Civilian Agency Saves Time, Money and Space with NetApp HCI While Preparing for Cloud Migration

Modernization of aging government IT infrastructure is not only a best practice; it’s law. It’s also an enormous challenge for smaller agencies with limited IT staff and budgets. This federal agency, that provides conflict resolution services for industry, government agencies and communities across the United States, was in that position. They were understaffed, in need of a large tech refresh in line with IT modernization requirements and required a significant reduction in their hardware footprint.


Federal Agency Reduces MTTR, Increases Citizen Satisfaction, and Reduces Service Desk Volume While Meeting its National and Economic Security Mission

This agency’s mission is anti-terrorism, legitimate trade and secure travel for US citizens.  Then the performance of a key application began impeding workflow and agents’ ability to do their job, Swish and Riverbed introduced a digital experience management tool that resulted in approximately 24% improvement in MTTR and 15% drop in service desk volume.

Wisconsin Army National Guard Transition from a Managementintensive Data Center Environment to a Unified, Optimized, Scalable, and Automated Architecture

The WIARNG had an amalgamation of many generic products that couldn’t scale efficiently, were costly to maintain, and required divergent knowledge sets. Their infrastructure had scaled out of control and IT had become too labor-intensive and complex for their staff. Leveraging VMWare virtualization, NetApp Data Fabric, and Catalogic Data Protection, Swish Services implemented a unified, optimized, scalable, and automated architecture.

U.S. Federal Healthcare Agency Reduces Performance Problems with Applications that Access Clinical Trial and Medical Research Data

Swish manages web performance monitoring for a Health Care agency in the US Civilian government. The client now proactively finds and triages performance issues. The solution uses a mixture of public and private synthetic transaction agents testing over both IPv4 and IPv6 networks…

Swish Helps a Critical Defense Personnel Application Hosting Agency Optimize Their Storage Investment, Processes, and Operations

This agency provides hosting services for a critical DoD personnel application.  They were challenged by an incorrect configuration of NetApp and lack of skills to troubleshoot the issues.  Swish successfully configured the storage solution and resolved performance and failover issues. Swish also implemented NetApp Workflow Automation ensuring compliance, ensured repeatable high-quality operations, reduced errors from manual operations and optimized the environment saving terabytes of storage and many man-hours.