Maximizing O365 ROI with Riverbed SaaS Acceleration

May 12, 2021 By Allen Kent

Contributor: Riverbed Solutions Architect, Charles Allen

The Digital Workforce

Ever wonder how you can increase productivity by guaranteeing a seamless user experience for your distributed workforce while using SaaS applications like O365?  Well, you’re not alone.  50% of  distributed enterprises say their biggest concern with O365 is inconsistent application performance. They have a right to be concerned because the delivery of O365 services is complex, especially when you have a distributed mobile workforce with ever-changing networks, bandwidth, and latency on which these services are delivered. In addition, monitoring O365 is a challenge because in a SaaS model, you do not own the application or the infrastructure itself.  The vast majority of O365 performance issues are initially reported by the end-user, which is never a good IT Operations model.  So how do you start to change this support paradigm and take a more proactive approach to O365 service delivery?

Riverbed SaaS and O365

Built on Riverbed’s WAN Optimization Platform, Riverbed SaaS Acceleration is a certified Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform solution that will help maximize your ROI for O365. Riverbed can optimize and accelerate O365 (SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office Web Apps) from the Microsoft cloud all the way to the end-user, guaranteeing a more seamless user experience.  There are several key benefits when using Riverbed SaaS:

  1.  Deliver Exceptional User Experience: Overcome latency, congestion, jitter, and the unpredictability of last-mile networks to accelerate delivery of Microsoft Office 365 applications by  up to 10x. With Riverbed, distributed workforces can expect faster, reliable services for all Office 365 applications including SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office Web Apps.
  2.  Reduce Bandwidth – Eliminate the networking headaches of corporate video communication using a fully integrated, enterprise class SD-eCDN, which reduces up to 99% of video data from corporate networks. Gain greater insight into Microsoft Teams and Stream content consumption, end-user experience, and network usage with comprehensive event analytics.
  3.  Easy and Flexible Deployment – Riverbed SaaS Acceleration spins up in the cloud and works with any SteelHead appliance at branch sites or Client Accelerator on mobile user laptops. Determine which applications to accelerate based on your business priorities and get started with a single click.


With Riverbed SaaS Acceleration, you can set the bar high for your O365 deployment by dramatically increasing collaboration and productivity for your mobile workforce. Don’t let your users be the single point of detection for your IT Ops teams. Be proactive and help guarantee a positive user experience for your O365 deployment.


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