AI-Powered Observability

Fully automated, AI-Powered observability across your AWS and hybrid-cloud environments!

The Challenge

Consider this all-too-familiar challenge: An anomaly in a large microservice application triggers a storm of alerts as services around the globe are impacted. As your application contains literally millions of dependencies, how do you find the original error?

Conventional monitoring tools are not much help. They collect metrics and raise alerts, but they provide few answers as to what went wrong in the first place.  In contrast, envision an intelligent system that accurately provides the answers—in this case, the technical root cause of the anomaly and how to fix it. Such intelligence, if accurate and reliable, can be trusted to trigger auto remediation procedures before most users even notice a glitch. 

A New Way Is Needed

AI Powered Observability combines big data and AI to automate IT Operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection and causality determination. AI and automation are poised to radically change the game in operations. What is needed is a means of collecting and applying intelligence along the entire digital value chain, from software development through service delivery, to customer interactions. Smart integration and automation will drive the next innovation cycle in enterprise software.

According to Gartner, “There is no future of IT Operations that does not include AIOps. This is due to the rapid growth in data volumes and pace of range (exemplified by rate of application delivery and event-driven business models) that cannot wait on humans to derive insights.”

Swish and the market-leader in Observability, Dynatrace, have teamed to bring AI Powered Observability which delivers a full stack automated single agent software-intelligence monitoring platform that simplifies enterprise cloud complexity and accelerates digital transformation. The all-in-one platform brings AIOps, digital experience management, infrastructure monitoring, application performance and digital business analytics into a single automated solution. With AI-Powered Observability and complete automation, the all-in-one platform provides answers, not just data, about the performance of your applications, their underlying infrastructure, and the experience of your end users.

AI Powered Observability uses application topology and service flow maps combined with high fidelity metrics to perform fault tree analysis. A fault tree shows all the horizontal and vertical dependencies for a given alert. Deterministic AI automatically determines the technical root cause, a necessary precondition for AIOps.


Value Proposition

When you’re evaluating cloud observability and security solutions, it’s not just about capabilities. It’s about ROI. According to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study, IT, DevOps, and SRE Teams leveraging the solution saw:

  • 60% fewer outages
  • 40% greater DevOps efficiency
  • 274% return on investment (ROI) over three years
  • $14.77M Net Present Value (NPV)

The Solution

The AI Powered Observability solution provides Swish services to deploy Dynatrace’s Managed cluster (license provided by client or procured from Swish separately), as well as its supporting components in the AWS environment of your choice. Swish will provide instrumentation of one AWS environment and one application to provide real-time insights into the performance and health metrics. This entry-level offering allows clients to monitor and optimize their critical applications with ease. We will also provide optional, add-on services that include configuring additional applications or 3rd party integrations. Our deployment model leverages Infrastructure as code (IaC) to ensure the deployment is secure, reliable, high performing, and sustainable.  

The implementation services deploy a customer provided Dynatrace cluster license in the following architecture:

  • A highly available architecture that spans multiple Availability Zones.
  • A VPC configured with public and private subnets according to AWS best practices, to provide you with your own virtual network on AWS.
  • An internet gateway to allow access to the internet. This gateway is used by the bastion hosts to send and receive traffic.
  • In the public subnets, managed NAT gateways to allow outbound internet access for resources in the private subnets.
  • In the public subnets, a Linux bastion host in an Auto Scaling group to allow inbound Secure Shell (SSH) access to EC2 instances in public and private subnets.
  • A Network Load Balancer that can be used to access the Dynatrace Managed cluster and send monitoring data from outside of the VPC.
  • Three Elastic IP addresses used by the Network Load Balancer.
  • In each of the private subnets, an Amazon EC2 instance with Dynatrace Managed server installed. Each Amazon EC2 instance is using six Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes. For each instance there is also an Amazon CloudWatch alarm defined for Amazon EC2 Auto Recovery.


Swish Advantage

AIOps-Powered Observability requires an investment in, not only the enabling technologies, but also in the intellectual property required to adopt, integrate, and realize mission value. The Swish Services team, with years of experience and a proven framework for delivering mission value for government clients, works with your organization to ensure the success of the AIOps-Powered Observability solution. Swish provides a vast array of services including strategic planning workshops, performance maturity workshops, basic implementation services, staff augmentation, and fully managed services offerings. These offerings are designed to drive hyper-scale adoption across your enterprise when paired with our proven customer success journey.

Facilitate Procurement Today

With our Observability solution powered by Dynatrace in an AWS environment, you can gain real-time insights, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure exceptional performance and user experience. Additionally, the solution’s adherence to federal IT system controls gives you peace of mind by meeting your security and compliance requirements.

Contact Swish today at to learn more about our AI-powered Observability solution and how it can help you unlock the full potential of your applications while achieving the highest levels of security and compliance.

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