Cisco has been helping government agencies of all sizes address their unique security and compliance challenges for decades. They understand the latest threats and how trends in digitization, mobility, IoT, and multi-cloud affect an agency’s cyber profile.  Their intent-based networking platform is designed to be intelligent, highly secure, powered by “intent” and informed by “context”— features aiming to constantly learn, adapt, automate and protect in order to optimize network operations and defend against an evolving cyber threat landscape. These intent-based networking offerings are designed to provide a single, highly secure network fabric that helps ensure policy consistency and network assurance; enable faster launches of new government services; and significantly improve issue resolution times while being open and extendable.

Cisco stands behind the concept of “zero trust” with solutions for your workforce, workloads and workplace. Cisco Duo helps protect users and their devices against stolen credentials, phishing, and other identity-based attacks. It verifies users’ identities and establishes device trust before granting access to applications. Cisco Tetration secures your hybrid, multi-cloud workloads and contains lateral movement with application segmentation. Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) helps you gain insight into users and devices, identify threats, and maintain control over all connections across your network, including Internet of Things devices.

Cisco has the only integrated security platform that simplifies your experience, accelerates your mission’s success, and secures your agency’s future. They employ skilled security experts who understand government security, compliance requirements, and the unique challenges your agency faces. They make security technologies work in concert with your staff to raise your cyber profile, mitigate risks, and comply with mandates.  Learn more about how Swish and Cisco are in partnership to help transform your agency’s cyber posture.

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