Coder moves developer workspaces to your cloud and centralizes their creation and management enabling governments and commercial organization to secure their DevSecOps pipeline while keeping developers in flow with the power of the cloud and superior developer experience.

Coder is used by some of the most security conscious agencies in the federal government and is authorized for use in several highly secured environments within the Department of Defense. By moving developer workspaces to the cloud and automating their configuration and creation, Coder lets your developers focus on their mission, writing code and eliminating distractions like environment configuration.

Government agencies are increasingly adopting a zero-trust approach to network security today but what are the implications of this move for software development teams? While Zero trust provides a framework for network security that better meets the needs of the modern enterprise than the traditional perimeter-based approach it is not always easy to implement. A zero-trust approach differs from traditional approaches to network security.  Using Coder to manage and orchestrate development environments can actually simplify the implementation of zero trust and help engineers to code faster and more securely while working in zero-trust environments.    For enterprises that include application development teams, Coder is a platform for distributed software development that integrates well into a zero-trust environment, unlocking substantial gains in both developer velocity and enterprise security.

Coder fits perfectly into your DevSecOps initiative and simplifies the creation and management of dev environments. It works seamlessly in air-gapped networks and is as secure as you need it to be. Coder has achieved Authority To Operate (ATO) status on multiple DoD platforms

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