Confluent’s Enterprise Platform for data in motion was built by the original creators of Apache Kafka®. Data in motion supports collecting a continuous flow of data enterprise-wide and processing it in real-time. Apache Kafka is the industry standard infrastructure for setting data in motion and is used by organizations worldwide to deliver exceptional customer experiences and data-driven, backend operations. Confluent Platform completes Kafka with advanced capabilities designed to help accelerate application development and connectivity, enable transformations through stream processing, simplify enterprise operations at scale and meet stringent architectural requirements.

Government organizations recognize that responsive, personalized, and efficient government services are not only increasingly expected by citizens, they also result in better mission success, improved cost effectiveness, and increased citizen trust.

Citizen-facing agencies must effectively harness numerous, disparate data sources to deliver robust, modern citizen services that stretch across all service channels.  How do these agencies modernize their data infrastructures efficiently to advance their digital ambitions while they contend with IT environments that are highly heterogeneous, siloed, and populated with hard-to-access, legacy systems?

Building and running applications has fundamentally changed with the advent of cloud, DevOps, and microservices. Combined with Confluent, these approaches and technologies make it possible for government organizations to easily inject legacy data sources into new, modern applications and adapt to changing real world circumstances faster than ever.

 Securing your agency’s data is critical. The Confluent Platform makes it possible to run Kafka as a central platform, streaming and securing your data to support the mission.

From public safety to tactical military missions, integrating and activating data in real-time can help your agency make better decisions, faster.  With Confluent, agencies can build a digital-first government with data in motion that will power mission outcomes, better serve citizens, ensure security and compliance, enhance IT efficiency, and maximize productivity.

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