In high-performance government applications like Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Lawful Intercept (LI), large healthcare initiatives, finance, and cloud, there is an increasing need for platform-independent, web-enabled, data-centric services that deliver uncompromising availability, security, and reliability at massive scale. To deliver on their missions, government organizations with these types of workflows need to:

  • Ingest massive amounts of data, reliably.
  • Reach better decisions faster by analyzing more data in less time.
  • Store data and analysis for longer periods of time.
  • Share data with more diverse local, remote intra-, and inter-agency team members for collaboration and dissemination.

Government applications like data capture, fraud detection, and risk management depend on speed and volume. New data sources are constantly added to systems to provide a richer context for more accurate and productive results, and traditional storage approaches are failing to keep up because they limit the data processed and analyzed to what can fit within the cache of available servers. DDN’s high-performance platforms break these traditional barriers, enabling agencies to leverage massive parallelism to access vast amounts of data stored outside the system. This solution allows researchers to perform analysis against much larger data sets which, in turn, delivers more effective models, faster.

DDN has been working with federal programs in the US for more than 15 years, supporting some of the most demanding intelligence and healthcare applications. The industry’s fastest and most scalable block, file, and object storage work together to deliver end-to-end data access and management on a single platform.  Learn more about how Swish and DDN are partnering to bring your agency the highest performance in the industry and faster, actionable intelligence for mission attainment.

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