GitLab is a company that commercially develops Open Source software for the software development lifecycle.  GitLab is public by default and openly shares more information than most companies.  They provide a robust software delivery platform with easy integration that provides enormous value to application developers.   Their software is used by more than 100,000 organizations, has 30 million estimated registered users, and an active community of more than 3000 contributors.

GitLab’s complete DevOps platform is delivered as a single application that serves as a bridge between development and operations.  It provides industry-leading CI/CD that empowers all teams to work together efficiently and real-time automated security, code quality and vulnerability management.  Tight governance and control never slow down DevOps speed when using the GitLab platform.

Swish is excited to partner with GitLab and offer their software delivery platform as a strategic partner in our strong DevSecOps practice area and part of our growing solution portfolio.

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