Invicti Security provides web application security for organizations around the world.  Founded in 2018, Invicti was established by bringing together Netsparker and Acunetix, two brands that identify web vulnerabilities to prevent costly data breaches and other security incidents.  Netsparker is the only web application security solution that delivers automatic verification of vulnerabilities with its proprietary Proof-Based Scanning technology.  This best-in-class web application security solutions identifies vulnerabilities from the early stages of application development through production.  Netsparker can scan thousands of websites and web apps then prioritize and verify vulnerabilities.

Known for its speed and accuracy, Acunetix is a global web security leader and the first-ever automated web application security scanner. It eliminates lengthy setup and on-boarding times.  You can get set up and start scanning in just a few clicks.  The macro recording technology provided by Acunetix lets you scan complex multi-level forms and even password-protected areas of your site.  Acunetix integrates with your current tracking system, whether it is Jira, GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, Bugzilla or Mantis.

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