Keysight Technologies

Keysight and Swish are partnered because we realize that government agencies have unique security directives, compliance requirements, regulations and buying methods. Keysight helps agencies meet compliance requirements which in turn gives them the ability to design, test, and operate with confidence.

IT modernization is a necessity for agencies, but it does not need to be painful. As the world leader in network application and security testing, Keysight creates active network monitoring solutions with application-level intelligence to help monitor the entire network, maintain mission-critical performance, and avoid devastating cyberattacks.

Keysight offers a wide range of government-compliant products, from unique RF and electronic warfare (EW) systems to FIPS 140‑2 network packet brokers for better IT security.

Network Taps – capture data from every corner of your network

Bypass Switches – improve uptime and make management easier

Network Packet Brokers – boost tool performance with advanced filtering and aggregation

Active SSL – reduce latency with independent SSL/TLS decryption

Ixia Fabric Controller – simplify control with a single pane of glass

Hawkeye – maintain peak performance with active monitoring

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