ScienceLogic is a leader in IT Operations Management, providing modern IT operations with actionable insights to predict and resolve problems faster in a digital, ephemeral world. Their solution sees everything across multi-cloud and distributed architectures, contextualizes data through relationship mapping, and acts on this insight through integration and automation.

Government agencies are in the process of the largest digital transformation in history—a transformation, that is both mission-critical and comes with significant complexity and risk.

Complexity, combined with the volume of operational data and the rate of change involved, can leave agencies struggling with limited visibility, workflow bottlenecks, and operational rigidity due to multiple siloed tools and teams.  ScienceLogic’s SL1 Platform provides a real-time, unified view of all your IT assets wherever they are deployed, through executive dashboards that support leadership requirements around critical business services. It drives efficiency through tools consolidation and IT workflow automation, while enabling the delivery of secure shared services.

Benefits of ScienceLogic SL1 include:

  •  Avoidance of mission-critical outages
  • Conformation to Federal mandates
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Trusted Culture support
  • Optimized resource utilization
  • Ensured SLA compliance

A Government Ready Solution

ScienceLogic SL1 was the industry’s first end-to-end monitoring platform to conform to the U.S. government’s security and interoperability standards and be listed on the DoD Unified Communications APL (DoD UC APL). SL1 conforms to FIPS 140-2 and current methods for data encryption and communication between software appliances. In addition, ScienceLogic’s security processes and controls support SOC-2.   Because ScienceLogic aims to deliver highly secure hybrid and multi-cloud monitoring and management, federal agencies can acquire ScienceLogic software as a FedRAMP Moderate Ready Environment that resides in FISMA high-rated data centers.

Swish and ScienceLogic are partnered to bring your agency technology that is designed for the rigorous security requirements of the United States Department of Defense, proven for scale by the world’s largest service providers, and optimized for the needs of large enterprises.

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