Turbonomic is an AI-powered Application Resource Management (ARM) solution that simultaneously optimizes performance, compliance and cost in real time.  It manages the complete application stack, automatically.  Applications are continually resourced to perform.

Turbonomic created ARM to assure customers’ application performance and governance by dynamically resourcing applications across hybrid and multicloud environments so that every application gets the resourcing it needs, and end-users should never have to wait for applications to respond.

Turbonomic was built on the premise that today’s virtualized and cloud environments are beyond human scale to manage. The solution was founded on the premise that a single platform can apply economic principles to manage IT resources.

Government agencies are under increasing pressure to deliver better, faster services to meet the high-stakes demands of constituents. Applications are the lifeblood of these services and performance and reliability are crucial as e-Gov initiatives expand. From online self-service parking portals, emergency call management, computer aided dispatch, tax payments to security databases, government IT must be as efficient as it is reliable and assure applications are always performing. Turbonomic AI-Powered ARM assures applications get the resources they need to perform in hybrid and multicloud environments. Turbonomic ARM has full stack visibility providing a common understanding across different layers of the infrastructure stack. It eliminates the need for multiple tool sets and siloed management layers of the stack. With Turbonomic, government agencies can assure application performance at scale for distributed applications built on containers or microservices spanning multivendor and multicloud environments.

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