Swish takes pride in partnering with industry leading technology companies which is why we partnered with Venafi, the company that established the machine identity protection market. Venafi’s solutions protect the largest, most sensitive networks in the world. Government agencies rely on Venafi to secure the cryptographic keys and digital certificates on which they depend to deliver safe machine-to-machine connections and communications.

Venafi, a Common Criteria certified solution, protects machine identities which all federal agencies rely on to keep communications between machines secure and private. Machine identities are established using digital certificates and cryptographic keys for machine-to-machine identity and access management. However, the explosive growth in machines has outstripped the manual and homegrown management tools used by federal agencies. This opens the door to a wide range of threats from outages to breaches, and increases risks to availability, integrity and security. Federal agencies are both consumers and providers of machine identities. They must be able to rapidly and securely issue machine identities as new machines are spun up and deployed. In addition, they must be able to quickly determine the appropriate level of trust for all machine identities connected to their agency that reside inside and outside the boundaries of their network. Machine identities need to be protected to secure machine-to-machine communication and authentication, keep communications safe and private and establish trust between connecting systems.


  • Delivers fast and frictionless certificate acquisition and orchestration
  • Strengthens security with continuous risk identification and mitigation
  • Accelerates time to value with certificate‑as‑a‑service
  • Eliminates certificate-related outages with certificate lifecycle automation
  • Improves governance with enhanced audit responsiveness
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