VMware is the leader in virtualization technologies and has developed an extremely robust suite of tools enabling the creation of tomorrow’s software-defined data center today.  Swish has been along for the ride since our inception and has developed a deep understanding of the capabilities and products in the VMware portfolio allowing us to design and implement VMware environments on any scale and to suite and mission.

By streamlining and consolidating, VMware has changed the face of modern IT and brought about a revolution in IT infrastructure.  Today’s VMware environment allows us more flexibility than ever by bringing the cloud down to earth where administrators can harness its power in your data center.  The VMware vSphere suite of products can take your mission to the next level by reducing overhead, helping to reduce IT costs, consolidating entire data centers and even Virtualizing desktops.  VMware gives you the tools to make datacenters bend to the will of the mission.

Swish has designed and built VMware environments for many customers ranging in size from tens to thousands of virtual machines. We’ve also helped customers realize their vision of a software-defined data center via our focused efforts with:

  • Consolidation services
  • Migration Services
  • Health Checks
  • vSphere Upgrades
  • VDI Deployments

Contact Swish to learn more about how we can help you streamline your data center and cloud operations.

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