Solution Briefs

Benefits of Syslog-NG and Splunk Integration

Syslog-ng filters and normalizes log data at extremely high speed, reducing size and complexity.  Filtering unimportant data reduces the load on Splunk, dramatically improving search time, saving 20-40% on costs, and providing robust analysis.



Swish Zero-Trust Services: Securing Government Work-From-Anywhere in a Cloud Environment

In the last year, federal government organizations were forced to rapidly scale up remote access services, so that their employees and external workforce could access applications and other resources. Many were able to find temporary solutions such as expanding existing VPNcontracts. But with work-from-anywhere creating anew normal, government IT departments have an opportunity to develop a long-term access strategy built for scale, user experience, and security. Swish Data provides the expertise to guide and implement this transition quickly and effectively, employing a Zscaler cloud platform that connects users to apps from anywhere, over any network 


Swish Data Capabilities Brief 

Swish is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned and HUBZone certified Small Business provider of technology solutions and engineering services to theU.S. Federal Government with a focus on high-quality outcomes for our clients. Our experienced and certified engineers research and evaluate the most innovative technologies, and then develop full life cycle solution offerings to ensure our clients realize maximum operational value.


Remote Support Implementation Service

The Swish Services team will work with your organization to implement Remote Support according to industry best practices. Working directly with your team, Swish Services will help install and configure Remote Support to enable you to provide superior service and support to your customers and for your devices.

Six Considerations for Building an Effective Cloud Strategy for Federal Agencies.

Federal agencies are increasingly embracing cloud technologies to modernize their information technology environments, achieve cost savings, deliver services efficiently, and deploy emerging innovations. To maximize the value of their cloud initiatives — and avoid the stovepipes and inefficiencies that can result from hybrid environments — we encourage federal agencies to develop strategies that incorporate six considerations.


End User Experience Monitoring: A Swish Solution Offering

Legacy monitoring leaves an enormous visibility gap: what your end users are actually experiencing. Traditional tools try to derive end user experience by eliminating other problems such as network or infrastructure issues. When tools are indicating everything is fine, but end users are still experiencing problems, End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) fills the vital monitoring gap.


Gaining Experience in User Experience

To improve digital interactions between government and citizens, federal agencies could learn from the private sector, especially from companies that deliver outstanding user experiences.  This whitepaper addresses the hurdles that agencies face in digital modernization and best practices to overcome them.


360 Degree View of Cloud Migration 

It’s a given that federal agencies are moving data and applications to the cloud, a pattern of migration mandated by the Cloud First Policy of 2011 and expanded last year with the Cloud Smart initiative. Less certain is the what, how and when of moving digital assets off-premises. Well-intentioned agencies seeking to achieve compliance quickly can overlook critical elements that could simplify the process.