Every aspect of government agency mission depends on high-level application and network performance. That is why ensuring assets work the way they should, and remediating problems before they arise, are top priorities. Agencies need to be able to gauge performance everywhere, always, across a complex web of legacy, mobile, cloud and Shadow IT components. But agencies struggle with real-time end-to-end visibility into pain points and areas of underperformance. This means it can be difficult to quickly detect, diagnose and defeat problems before they impede productivity.


Application Performance Management

APM provides the ability for agencies to monitor, alert and troubleshoot problems for key applications, regardless of where they reside – on premise, in the cloud, on an individual user’s desktop or mobile device. By knowing where, when and why issues occur via APM, agencies can proactively eliminate bottlenecks with faster time-to-remediation. In many cases, APM enables the resolution of problems before they even occur.


Drivers of the Need for APM

  • Growth in the use of SaaS applications increases the need for APM.
  • Agencies are not meeting citizen’s needs. In a research study conducted by GovLoop, 53% of citizens rated their online experience with government agencies as poor
  • Federal workers are not satisfied with their current application environment. In the same study, 54% of workers are primarily frustrated by speed and load time of applications and 47% by application crashes and freezes.
  • Each time an agency’s CX index score increases by one point, 2-8% more citizens will trust that agency.

Swish employs industry-leading solutions to eliminate blind spots and track performance metrics for every packet and network node. Our approach relies on:

Enterprise Service Monitoring

End-User Performance and Labor Cost Monitoring

Best-of-Breed Solutions

Including Dynatrace, Ixia and Aternity

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