About Us

Our primary focus is on achieving high-quality outcomes for our government clients who deliver optimal business and mission value to the enterprise.

We believe that how we do that is just as important as the best-of-breed products and services we deliver. Swish first learns what is needed from the perspective of the mission and application owner, develops an end-to-end understanding of the baseline infrastructure, makes targeted recommendations, and then drives fast and continuing improvements in performance, efficiency, and security through well-engineered solutions, best-of-breed products, and expert talent. Rather than add technology that incrementally improves your environment, our goal is to deliver solutions whose innovations work together to magnify their collective capabilities in support of your mission outcomes.

We baseline end-user and application performance before and after we deliver a solution to demonstrate measurable ROI. We then continuously optimize operations and remove inefficiencies through proven Continuous Improvement (CI) best practices to deliver maximum mission velocity and cost avoidance.

Our approach is defined by:

  • A life cycle perspective on systems and projects
  • A systems approach to solving problems
  • Long-term customer relationships
  • A reliance on metrics-driven best practices — including Theory of Constraints, Lean, and Six Sigma — to deliver continuous improvement

We're eager to help you innovate.