Data Center Modernization

Gone are the days of unscalable, inflexible and highly complex data centers.

Today, government agencies are looking for service-oriented infrastructure that is virtualized, flexible, scalable and automated.  Swish helps agencies develop infrastructure that is flexible enough to adapt to the changing demands of IT modernization and meet the OMB requirements to consolidate and modernize IT infrastructure as outlined in the Data Center and Cloud Optimization Initiative (DCCOI).

The need for change. 

Never has there been a greater need for agency IT modernization.  The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored public health’s need to modernize.  Agencies across all government have had to scramble to accommodate secure teleworking.  Citizens are relying on the government more that ever to provide needed services.  Swish brings the experience and expertise that agencies need to transition to provisional services, especially the cloud.  We work with agencies to take a holistic view of their modernization efforts incorporating agency mission, engagement and service level models and the citizens that they serve. Swish helps agencies reduce both operating costs and complexity of data centers, while increasing reliability and ease of management.

Our approach relies on:

Cutting edge tools and techniques

Streamlining data center operations with more efficient and powerful equipment enables the consolidation of hardware, software, and even manpower.

Modernizing Processes and Procedures

Modernizing processes and procedures helps ensure data centers are running at peak efficiency, agility, and capability to handle tomorrow’s demands.

Optimizing Performance Gains

Continuous focus on optimizing performance gains to deliver maximum ROI, reliability, and scalability are critical to success.

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